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These People Were Nothing Short Of A Blessing!


5 out of 5 - by on Jul 17, 2015

Alexis Shadden
July 9 at 1:11pm ·
So the most amazing thing happened to me yesterday. My car broke down. My batter light came on and then my radio turned itself off and then it completely died ant a stop light. Here is what was so amazing about it. The first guy that was behind me just drove around me so I was signing to the second guy asking if he had any jumper cables. He pulled over told me no but said we should push the car out of the way of traffic, so we did. then he says ok ill be right back with some jumper cables, don't go anywhere! he said lol. anyway he comes back and charges my battery for 15 mins or so and then I start my van and he said to follow him to a shop he had one of his cars at. It wasnt far, just around the corner really but my battery died again within 30 seconds. so I just sat there for a moment with 4 kids stuck in the car with me thinking, what the heck am i going to do?? So this guy says ok just hang tight im going to try and find another solution for you. So we sat for around another 20/30 mins and he comes back with a BRAND NEW battery!!! I didnt even know at the time thats what it was and that it was for us to keep. So I get the van started and follow him to the shop and before I can even get there the battery light comes back on. so when I got to the shop the guy told me "they'll take care of you from here" I said "well dont you want your battery back?" and he said "no, it doesnt fit in any of my cars, its your battery now." WOW! so the shop lets me know that its the alternator and it will be $310 to fix. I only had $60 on me.. thank God for grandma cuz she covered the rest! (of course I will have to pay her back but still without her, I dont even know!) so one of the guys who works there came and said they would try and get us out before 12 but no promises, but thats when they go to lunch and their lunch is from 12 to 1. So I asked "where do you go for lunch?" then laughed and said "never mind, I was going to say, Ill give you some money and to bring something back cuz the kids were hungry but I just realized I gave you all my cash" we laughed he walked away and then came right back and said, "ok what do all the kids want from McDonalds?" He went and bought all 4 kids McDonalds!! Everything was such a huge blessing!!! Turns out that really nice guy behind me was only going in that direction because one of his metings were cancelled. He said God puts people at the right places at the right times! and he happens to be a lawyer. so even tho that battery probably cost him 15 mins of work it was still HIS 15 mins not mine but God is good! God showed me yesterday that no matter what hes got my back and he will always be there for me!!! Im telling this story more to tell about God and how he works through people and how HE can take care of ANY situation! Thank you to the guys who helped us yesterday!!! I will be baking them cookies, or buying them cookies, lol either way they are all getting cookies! smile emoticon
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